Installation of your new appliances

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Installing appliances requires trained servicemen, our crew can get to the tricky areas in the designated section of your house. Fortunately our handy crew can install additional power points and water connections if required, so your appliances can go wherever you please.

Our team of expert trades people can provide a time-saving, hassle-free installation of your purchases, so you can start enjoying the benefits they offer straight away.

Who we are:

Active Appliances is an Australian team of appliance installation specialists operating throughout the Sydney metropolitan areas.

Whether you need a dryer delivered, to a Dishwasher installed, you can trust Active Appliances licensed professionals to provide outstanding service and expert know-how.

We will:

Our team can pick up your new appliances from the store they were bought from, saving you from having to organize your own transport.

Install your appliances:

We can set up and install your new appliances in your home on the day of their delivery, saving you the time and effort of setting them up yourself or making separate installation appointments.

Make sure your appliances fit:

Active Appliance team of expert trades people can perform all sorts of cabinet work to accommodate the appliances of your choice in your home, including:

• Shortening and widening cabinets
• Installing new power points and circuits
• Adding new water connections

Remove your old appliances

If your new appliances will be replacing old ones, Active Appliancess can disconnect and remove your old appliances, take them away to be recycled, all as part of our convenient service.

Demonstrate your appliance features

Our team members can guide you through the features of your new purchases and demonstrate the best ways to take care of them, helping you to get the most out of your appliances and extend their lifespan.

Clean up our own mess

We’ll clean up and remove any packaging and mess that comes from the installation of your new appliances before we leave your home, leaving you with nothing but fully-functional appliances that are ready for use.